Pranay Mishra
Poet, Writer.

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Maybe someday we will meet.

You won’t look at me the way you looked at me,

When there was no distance between us

and when in something we believed.

Maybe I’ll look at you,

remembering all the things that we had been through

and once scared to think to be so close yet so far away from you.

In some clouded fog we’ll be lost,

something lost would be sought.

In a dusty corner, a splintery, fragile box of foolish dreams and stupid thoughts.

And we’ll remember what was lost.

But not a word, not a sound.

We’ll let everything…

How guidelines for better conversation can be used for better writing

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Image: Wordsverse

Researching and writing an article is one thing. Keeping the readers engaged is another. The way your article communicates with the readers is important as an incoherent, inorganic way of writing makes the readers tired. Your article is not just the message, but also a vessel carrying the message. Make sure it is as smooth and efficient as possible. The best way to do this is by writing articles as if you are talking to the readers. So how about using Grice’s Maxims, which are designed to make conversations better, in writing articles?

Grice’s Maxims are a set of guidelines…

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