Pranay Mishra

Photo by Peter Forster on Unsplash

If in ashes is what we are destined to turn

Then let me burn in blazing fire

And fuel it with all my desires

Before I crumble, charred and burnt.

If my final abode is in the dirt

Then let me water the sapling I hold

Wash it with dreams’ sunshine before the cold

And bring a tree where I lay, make the earth my abode.

— Pranay Mishra



Photo by Marlon Michelle Corado on Unsplash

A dream running wild

In a purple evening

Of a sky with a want of clouds

Every inch sun’s presence can be seen

Kissing the horizon goodnight

Golden star’s gentle receding flight

The darkness should not scare thee

Because a bright morning, the sun promised me.

— Pranay Mishra



Image: Pranay Mishra

I see what I am

Inflicted with invisible wounds

Moving ahead as long as I can

Because I fear to see where I am

I am what I am

This pain will change never

So change me because nothing else will

And this sadness will last forever

— Pranay Mishra



For all in the dearth of it

Image: REPIC Studio, from Pixabay

Resilient and addictive

This Hope is a dangerous thing

Could start a fever of madness

And blind you to the impossibilities

Numb to the current pain

Impervious to forces that debilitate

Gives you more and more, vivacious Hope

Yet never take from you a single thing.

— Pranay



Image: Pranay Mishra

Maybe someday we will meet.

You won’t look at me the way you looked at me,

When there was no distance between us

and when in something we believed.

Maybe I’ll look at you,

remembering all the things that we had been through

and once scared to think to be…